Are you frustrated trying to jam your clothes in your closet? Can you never find what you are looking for? Find yourself knocking over clothes every time you try to remove one piece? It sounds like you are ready for a Vancouver home renovation for your closet! Before you jump into creating the walk-in closet of your dreams, we have a few tips for you to consider. 

6 Vancouver home renovation tips for your closet redo

1. Maximize your space 

Although you will have more space once you build your dream closet, you can still create even more. The trick is to use your space to the best of its ability. Think of how your space can be laid out to make the most of the area’s height, width, and even corners. Consider what kinds of shelves and other organizational elements can be added to give you more storage. Having a hard time imagining how to create the most organized, largest closet? Get a professional organizer to help you lay out the plan for your closet. This way, you will have a highly functional space that helps give you the best start to your day or night out! 


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2. Add the illusion of even more space

Even if you do not have a massive walk-in closet, you can make yours look like one! The trick is to use mirrors to make the closet feel even larger. Talk to your contractor about the best places to put the mirrors to bounce light around. Make sure that you opt for full-length mirrors. The best part about adding full-length mirrors? They are super functional! You will always be able to fully check out your outfit. 


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3. Light it up

Adding the right kind of light is key. There are two reasons for this. First, the right lighting and lighting features will make your space aesthetically pleasing. You can set whatever look and mood you want for your space. Second, proper lighting will help you to see your things properly. Having something close to natural light is always great as it allows you to see colours the way people will when you go outside. That way, you will never have that awkward situation where pieces look great when you put them on only to find that you do not like the look when you go outside.  


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4. Make it your own

You do not want your dream closet to feel like a storage area. It should be as welcoming and enjoyable as possible. In order for it to be that way, it is important to think about the art and other style elements for your space. As you consider the look you want, think about: 

  • The rest of your home. Do you want your closet to go with the rooms around it or the overall style of your home? 
  • Your personal style. This is your closet so you can always make it your special space. That can be especially fun if you do not have the same sense of style as the rest of your family and want a place that feels true to only you. 
  • The feeling you want. Need a confidence boost before going out? You may want to go for a glamorous look. Want somewhere that is a fun place to try things on? Choose bright colours and cool prints 
  • Your clothes and accessories. Remember that you already have beautiful art – your clothing! You may be able to create display areas that allow your clothes, jewellery, and shoes to become design aspects of your closet decor. 

Once you have thought about all these areas, you may also want to do some online searches to see what kind of art and decor stands out to you for your walk-in closet. 


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5. Build around what you love 

This is your space, so you get to highlight whatever you want. If you love shoes, include a shoe wall. If you are into jewellery, ask for a display case to be built. Have a lot of ties? Think about a rotating rack for them. Having a specialized area like this makes sure that you can see all the options available to you – and will help you feel great every time you walk into your walk-in! 


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6. Include seating

Seating will make your closet feel more comfortable. Opt for furniture that you will enjoy and that ties in with your vibe and style. Seating is also great to have if you are trying on shoes – or if you want someone else to give you opinions on various outfits. 


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