20 07, 2018

5 red flags to watch out for when purchasing an investment property in Vancouver

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It’s a good time to be looking at buying an Investment property in Vancouver right now. But how do you ensure you don’t end up with a lemon? There are a few warnings signs to watch out for when you are on the hunt for an investment property in Vancouver. The 5 warning signs that an investment property in Vancouver could be a lemon 1. It is in a bad neighbourhood If the neighbourhood is bad, you are generally going to have a more difficult time reselling your investment property in Vancouver. How do you know the calibre of the neighbourhood though? First, take a look around. Are there lots of empty storefronts? Are the streets dirty? Do the buildings seem rundown? If so, you are likely looking at an area on the decline.   While your eyes can help

13 07, 2018

How to increase your home’s value with a Vancouver home renovation

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When doing a Vancouver home renovation in hopes of adding value to your property, conventional wisdom suggests that you should focus on the kitchen and bathroom. These are positioned as functional rooms that add value, while living rooms and dining rooms are treated as “decorative rooms” that are not worth investing in. How to add value through a Vancouver home renovation of your living room and dining room 1. Flooring Flooring can be a simple way to add value, with hardwood being considered more valuable. If you are going to use hardwood, though, make sure that you have the right climate for it. That climate is one where the humidity stays steady pretty much year round. No matter what flooring you use for your Vancouver home renovation, you want to go for a quality product. That means going for solid

6 07, 2018

7 flooring trends to use in your home renovation in Vancouver

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Flooring is central to the overall style of each room in your home. Sometimes, though, flooring can be lost in the shuffle of picking other design elements. That is why we have put together a list of seven of our favourite flooring trends to help inspire you for your home renovation in Vancouver. 7 flooring trends to consider for your home renovation in Vancouver 1. Bleach it out Photo credit: SEBRING Light flooring is in for home renovations in Vancouver this year. Consider going with a light stain or bleached look. If you are on the more adventurous side, you could also consider pickled wood. 2. Harden up Photo credit: The Flooring Girl Hardwood is the biggest flooring trend of 2018. New homes are going for hardwood – everywhere. An elegant look like this is the

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