25 11, 2017

Flipping a house? Where to spend your renovation dollars

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If you’re flipping an investment property, you will want to be smart about your renovation budget. For a flip, every dollar counts as we consider the resale value of the home. By thinking practically – rather than emotionally – about the best places to invest in your renovation, you can create a look that appears to have a high price tag, but was achieved for only a small investment. Flipside Homes specializes in helping property investors flip homes and condos with well-managed home renovations in Vancouver and area. Use the tips below to plan a profitable renovation on your investment property.   Renovate the kitchen A renovation to the kitchen, even on a budget, almost always results in a higher resale value for the home. Although kitchen renovations can be expensive, they can also be done well on a tight

18 11, 2017

Vancouver home renovation idea: Kitchen banquettes

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When it comes to kitchen renovations, storage and seating are two primary considerations for your renovation design. Adding a kitchen banquette is an attractive and cozy way to get both.   Photo credit: Bloglovin’ Maximize natural light Banquettes are the perfect way to make the most of natural light in your kitchen, by creating a comfortable seating area under big windows. This bright space combines a chunky table with minimalist bench seating to amplify the effect of the light streaming into the kitchen.   Photo credit: Domino Retro upholstery Your kitchen banquette can define your kitchen’s style. This example has a retro-inspired corner bench that adds colour and personality to an otherwise monochromatic space. Photo credit: Better Homes & Gardens Country-inspired space saver Even in kitchens that are tight on space, a banquette provides

11 11, 2017

Home renovations Vancouver: 8 tips for a successful remodel

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It’s time to transform your space into an inviting, updated home that suits your family’s lifestyle with a home renovation. To get the most from your renovation, we compiled eight tips to make your project successful. Know when to DIY it There are some minor cosmetic renovations that you could do yourself: update the light fixtures, upgrade the hardware and fixtures in your kitchen and bathrooms, add a fresh coat of paint and install new window coverings. Simple changes like these are perfectly DIY-able! They’ll save you the cost of labour, can be done by almost anyone, and don’t take much time to complete.   Know when NOT to DIY But knowing when not to DIY your renovation is just as important! Tasks that are more involved, potentially dangerous or frustrating for those who have limited experience are best left

4 11, 2017

Do you need a building permit for your Vancouver home renovation?

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Many of our Vancouver home renovation clients don’t realize that their reno might require a building permit from the city where their home is located. Before planning your renovation, you may want to get familiar with the types of building permits that apply to renovations in your city. Applying for permits can be confusing and time-consuming for homeowners who haven’t been through the process, which is why we help with this aspect of a renovation. However, building permits add to the cost of a renovation and can affect the timeline. Do you need a building permit for your Vancouver home renovation? Here’s how to know. Renovation building permits for Greater Vancouver The City of Vancouver has easy-to-understand guidelines on their website for people to know whether they need a permit for their renovation. In general, you need a permit for:

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