27 04, 2018

Should you design your own home renovation in Vancouver?

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We all know the simple answer to this question, so let us get it out of the way… No, you should not design your own home renovation in Vancouver. But why not? And how much of a problem could designing your home renovation in Vancouver be? The top 4 reasons you should have a professional design your own home renovation in Vancouver 1. A professional knows the costs of renovations Knowledge and experience go a long way toward creating a home renovation design that fits your budget. That means you could start your project only to find that it is impossible to finish without a lottery win! On the other hand, if you are working with a professional team like the renovation project managers at Flipside Homes, they will make sure your home renovation in Vancouver fits within your budget.

20 04, 2018

10 ways to add storage during your home renovation in Vancouver

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A home renovation in Vancouver offers owners a chance to re-think their space. This time is the perfect opportunity to create storage of all shapes and sizes. If you have an older home, this can be especially important as they are notorious for have less room and awkward storage areas. Regardless of your house's age, this is your chance to squeeze every inch of storage area out of your home. How to add storage during your home renovation in Vancouver 1. The sleek bathroom Bathrooms can easily get cluttered. During your home renovation in Vancouver, help hide that clutter with a tall pull-out. Now you can have everything you need at your fingertips, while still maintaining a spa-like simplicity sure to keep you calm - morning and night. 2. A mudroom bench Photo credit: Closets Plus   Entryways

13 04, 2018

Where to find inspiration for your Vancouver home renovation

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A Vancouver home renovation can be exciting but finding the perfect inspiration is challenging. Design sites are all over the internet, but not all are created equal.   So where should you begin your search? Here are our favourite sources of inspiration to help get you started… Five places to find inspiration for your Vancouver home renovation 1. Pinterest Photo credit: Emily Henderson Pinterest is a favourite for home design fans and fanatics. In fact, there are so many ideas that you may find yourself getting overwhelmed by them all. To avoid this, use Pinterest as more of an exploratory search. Start general until you find a sense of direction for your Vancouver home renovation. During your search, be sure to check out HGTV Design Star Emily Henderson’s budget-friendly ideas and Gabrielle Savoie’s tropical influences. 2. HGTV

6 04, 2018

Should you renovate your Vancouver income property?

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It is not hard to see the benefits of a Vancouver income property. It's common knowledge around the Lower Mainland that there is always plenty of money to be made in income properties. Yet, it can be hard to know when to put cash into your income property, and when to renovate it. The benefits of renovating your Vancouver income property Renovating your Vancouver income property has an immediate, noticeable financial impact. Renovations will increase the perceived value of the property, allowing you to charge a higher rent to reflect the upgrades you have made. A renovation also helps keep long-term tenants happy, especially if the upgrades are ones they have been asking for.   For those between tenants, a renovation can make the space appear fresh, drawing new people in. Remember that renovations are not all or nothing, so

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