30 12, 2017

Design your Vancouver home renovation around these 5 stunning features

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Unique features can make excellent focal points in rooms – and can inspire entire home design looks. Finding the right inspiration for your Vancouver home renovation, however, can be challenging. That is why we have put together a list of features we love, as well as ideas about how they could shape your Vancouver home renovation.   5 of our favourite features to design your Vancouver home renovation around Photo credit: Pinterest 1. A statement chandelier A statement chandelier is the perfect combination of function and fashion, not only providing you with light but also style. A chandelier best fits into a dining room but can add a unique touch to a master bathroom, hallway or entryway. To make one the focal point of your Vancouver home renovation, hang it over a table that compliments it without competing

16 12, 2017

7 questions to ask yourself before starting your Vancouver home renovations

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Vancouver home renovations aren’t all about aesthetics. There is so much more to consider than how your home will look after the work is done – your family’s lifestyle plays a major role in the renovation process, the materials, the budget and the interior layout. Before beginning home renovations, we recommend asking yourself some analytical questions. You won’t find these questions on most renovation guides.   7 questions to ask yourself before your Vancouver home renovations Thinking of the first sentimental item in my home that I could never throw out: What is it, and why does it mean so much to me? What does a typical weeknight look like in our home? Who is here, do we go out, what kind of tasks get done, and how does our family relax? What does a typical weekend look like in

9 12, 2017

Which Vancouver home renovations get the best return on investment?

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When you’re planning to renovate your home, resale value and the return on your renovation investment should always be a primary consideration for any homeowner. In short, the two best rooms to renovate are the kitchen and the bathroom. But even these rooms need to be planned and budgeted accordingly to make them a wise investment for your property. In order to get the most from every dollar you spend on your Vancouver home renovation, our renovations team created this guide to help you plan your remodel. Vancouver kitchen renovations Kitchens are the hearts of our homes. This is where families spend plenty of time, and the look, layout and features of a kitchen greatly affect our perception of the entire home. That’s why most experts agree that the kitchen is almost always a good investment for a renovation. In

2 12, 2017

Renovating an income property: How a project manager can help

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Budget is of utmost importance in an income property. That’s because an income property is a business – not a home – for the property owner. Whether you’ve purchased an income property recently, or a few years have passed and it’s time to renovate, renovating an income property should be executed differently than a home. In our experience, income property owners benefit greatly from the business-minded advice and experience of a renovation project manager during these times. Here is why.   Your income property is a business You probably didn’t buy your income property just for fun – this is an investment that you expect to generate some healthy financial returns for your family. In Vancouver, investment property owners must run a tight ship – real estate prices are impossibly high, yet rents rarely cover your monthly costs. That’s why,

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