Many people do their home renovation in Vancouver during the summer months. However, there are some key advantages to renovating in the winter. Today, we are sharing just a few of the reasons why you should consider doing your home renovation during the winter months… 

Three advantages to doing your home renovation in Vancouver this winter

1. Availability 

During the summer, contractors tend to be busy. That can make it hard to book your home renovation in Vancouver. Even if you can book a contractor, they may not be your top choice. In the winter though, contractors schedules can open up. You can likely get your team of choice at the time you want your renovations done.

2. Deals 

You may get great deals when you do your home renovation in Vancouver during the winter. Since the winter is generally considered the “off-season” for renovations, there are all kinds of deals to be found. You may be able to negotiate a deal with your contractor, especially for larger projects. There also tend to be sales, especially around Black Friday and Boxing Day, on furnishings, appliances, and other materials. 

3. Time away

Travelling over the holidays? Consider having your renovation done while you are away. That way, you will not have to deal with any disruptions. Having an empty house may also allow your contractors to complete the work faster. If you book your renovation at the right time, you can have your newly updated room or home be a present to yourself and your family! 

What to tackle in your winter home renovation in Vancouver

There are some home renovations that may not be possible in the winter months. There are some, however, that are perfect to tackle at this time! Here are a few options to consider for your winter home renovation in Vancouver. 

1. Interior upgrades

Interior upgrades are ideal for winter renovations. Consider adding a new bathroom or changing up your flooring. These renovations are also a great way to add value to your home

2. Enhancing energy efficiency 

Energy efficient homes are becoming more popular with each passing year. In fact, it will not be too long before they are required in British Columbia. Winter is the time to find some deals on energy efficient appliances and other essentials, like windows and house wrap. By making your home more energy efficient, you will also be making a significant contribution to growing environmental efforts. 

2. Remodelling the garage

If you are not happy with your garage, this could be the time for a remodel. Think about adding storage space, a charging station for an electric car, or even turning the garage into an apartment.  

3. Updating the basement 

Is your basement cold and drafty? Instead of toughing the situation out all winter, get it fixed up. The best part is that your contractor will easily be able to locate any issues as the cooler weather can help to reveal drafts. 

4. Building a dream closet

Winter is the time for bulky coats, hats, scarves, and more. Because of that, you can soon feel like your closet space is too small or disorganized for the amount of clothing you have. Instead of trying to squish everything into your small closet, create a walk-in! This can be a great start to help you get organized in general. 

5. Painting and moulding 

Updating painting and moulding is easy to do in the winter. It is also a simple way to make your home feel new without making major changes. With this out of the way, you will be prepared to go into the New Year with a fresh feeling space. 

6. Updating lighting 

Changing up your lighting fixtures is another way to create a new feel for your home. There are now so many interesting light fixture options out there. You can also create interesting lighting for rooms by opting for things like colour changing bulbs. Then, if you have an Alexa or a Google Home, you can change the colour at will. 


Whether it is winter, summer, or any other time of the year, it can always be the right time for renovations. The trick is to pick the time when you are ready. If you can afford your renovation and you are prepared for it, then it is the perfect time to do it. 

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