It can be tough to know when your property is in need of a Vancouver home renovation.

There are some key signs that industry professionals look for. We’ve outlined these signs in this blog so that you can do a professional-level review of your property to decide whether it is in need of a renovation. 

11 signs it is time for a Vancouver home renovation

1. Your property has structural issues

Inspect your home for clear signs of structural issues, including cracks in the foundation or basement walls, sagging floors, roof or ceilings, gaps where your floors and walls meet, bowing walls, or cabinet doors that often swing open on their own. Leaks and rot are also signs that structural damage might be present or is on its way. In the case of structural damage, it is vital to renovate as soon as possible to resolve the problems, as structural damage poses a danger to the home’s occupants. Leave these problems and you risk them getting worse, forcing a more costly renovation or even having to tear the house down and replace it. Upside, if you have to do a renovation to address structural issues, this is a good time to take care of any other renovations you have wanted to do. 

2. The flooring is showing signs of wear and tear

Even the best quality flooring materials do not last forever. The first element of your home where you are likely to see wear and tear is your flooring. Damaged tile may lift or crack. Hardwood floors may become dull or scratched, or the boards may lift or separate. Carpet can become stained or torn. This is a great time to look closely at all the flooring in your home and decide whether a renovation is in order. 

3. There are issues with the paint 

Paint often shows wear and age quickly. Seeing chipping or feel like your paint just looks shabby? It is time to consider a renovation. Even if the quality of the paint is still good, painting is a simple way to refresh the look of your home. Look at the paint inside and out to get a sense of where an update is needed. Also, check for wetness and bubbling paint as these can be signs that you have a leak. 

4. You need more space

Life changes over the years, and the amount of space you need can change with it. If you have kids or your children are getting older and need more space, that would be a good reason to renovate. Renovating to add space might mean adding or removing walls or partitions, reconfiguring your home’s layout, or even adding storage. Maybe you are having relatives moving up or just want more room for yourself. You may even want to consider an addition if that is an option for your property. 

5. Your home feels outdated

Sometimes the style of your home does not age well and the last thing you want is your home to look like it is stuck in the past. If you feel like pictures of your home could go viral for looking that old, it could be time for a Vancouver home renovation. To prevent yourself from ending up in this position again, take a look at how to ensure you have a timeless renovation.  

6. The space is not functional 

You may feel that you do not have enough storage. Maybe your kitchen or bathroom is difficult to move around in. Perhaps the flow of the home is simply off. No matter what the issue is, when your space is not functional, it can be very frustrating and disruptive. A renovation can help resolve these issues, leaving you with a home you love living in. 

7. You would like to use the space better

Even if your home is functional, you may want to make better use of the space that you have. This is especially common for homeowners who have, say, a guest room they never use or who needed an office in the past but now do not. A Vancouver home renovation is the perfect way to turn your unused rooms into more useful, exciting spaces for you to enjoy. 

8. The lighting is poor 

Poor lighting is another issue that can greatly impact your happiness in your home. You may not notice it, but lack of natural lighting, or poor artificial lighting, can affect your mood and how comfortable you feel at home. Whether it’s adding or removing windows or skylights, changing the location of light fixtures in your home, or even updating your lightbulbs, new lighting options could make your days and nights a little brighter. 

9. You want your home to be more energy-efficient 

Energy efficiency is the way of the future. As the years pass, the government is also making more and more regulations pushing green homes, including the new BC Energy Step Code. An energy-efficient Vancouver home renovation is not only the right move to protect the environment, but an energy-efficient home is also more comfortable to live in. There are grants available to help offset some of the costs of these renovations, making now the ideal time to do them. 

10. You need to make the home more accessible 

You or your loved ones’ accessibility needs may have changed over the years. When facing a situation like this, you may feel like your only option is to move. But you may not have to give up the home you love just because of accessibility issues. Instead, consider a renovation to add whatever you need, from ramps, to grip bars, to stairlifts. 

11. You can afford a renovation

One of the best reasons to do a renovation is just because you want to – and can afford to. You do not need to have some kind of issue to do a Vancouver home renovation. If you want a change, that is reason enough. Set a budget and you are good to go! 

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