Are you undertaking a Vancouver home renovation this fall? Have you been thinking about adding heated floors to your home? Before you do that, there are a number of factors to consider. These factors include which rooms you will want to add heated floors to, if adding heated floors will increase the value of your home, and what the pros and cons are of adding heated floors. So let us jump in with the basics…

Heated floors and your Vancouver home renovation

Heated floors are created when you have a heating element built in under your flooring. There are several options for the heating element, including:

  • Wiring
  • Mesh mat
  • Solid mat

Once the element is in place, your contraction will then lay your flooring on top. The heat will then radiate up.

Generally, homeowners adding heated floors will focus on their bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. If you are thinking about adding heated floors during your Vancouver home renovation though, remember to consider how various materials will radiate the heat. After all, you do not want to go through all the work of adding heat to then bury it under carpeting and barely even feel it!

The pros of adding heated floors during your Vancouver home renovation

1. More consistent heat

We are often asked if in-floor heating can effectively heat a room… and the answer is “yes”! Heat rises so when you have in-floor heating, it does not just warm your toes but also your whole room. Because heat rises, it creates a consistent temperature throughout the space. That means, when you have in-floor heating, you are not going to have the same hot and cold spots as you can get with things like baseboard heating.

2. No maintenance

Once in-floor heating is in place, it does not need constant maintenance. This saves you time and money. It also means you have a more comfortable home as your heating is not always having issues.

3. No noise

In-floor heating does not make the same amount of noise as many other heating options. It is quiet, even when turned up to full blast. This gives your home a peaceful feel.

4. Energy efficiency

One of the top reasons for putting in heated floors is energy efficiency. Heated floors are more efficient forms of heating than central air or baseboard heating. As the hot air rises, it warms the whole room with much less heat being pumped in. Additionally, heat is not lost through ducts. Best of all, heated floors can run off any kind of power. If you want to run them off solar panelling, you can do that. If you do not have solar panels in place, you can always get your home renovation team to install the panels and your heated flooring at the same time.

5. Fewer allergens

With heated floors, you do not have to worry about particulate and dust. This is better for you and your loved ones if any of you suffer from allergies, asthma, or any other health condition that affects respiration. Even if you do not live with one of these conditions, the lack of particulate and dust being circulated means better air quality in general.

6. Added value and desirability

Another big question about heated floors is if they really add value to your home. They do! Heated floors, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, not only add your home’s value but also your ability to sell it. In fact, heated floors can be one of the best ways to stand out, especially in a buyers’ market.

The cons of adding heated floors during your Vancouver home renovation

1. Elevated floors

Most heated floors will raise your floor up. You will generally lose about half an inch of space. If you are set against losing space, there are a couple of types of in-floor heating that will not significantly raise your floor.

2. The price

Installing heated floors can be expensive. You should expect about $10 – $20 per square foot of floor for installation. After that, there will be the cost of having an electrician connect the system to your power grid. This will usually be a few hundred dollars.

3. It requires significant work

In order to install heated floors, you will have to tear up all the flooring currently in the rooms. That makes heated flooring a significant installation. Because of that, we suggest rolling heated flooring additions in with a larger Vancouver home renovation. If you are already completely renovating a space, it is easy to just add heating under the floor at the same time.


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