18 05, 2018

Buying an income property in Vancouver? What you need to know first

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With rental prices skyrocketing, it is the perfect time to have an income property in Vancouver. Having an income property in Vancouver, however, is not as simple as just buying a home or condo and renting it out. So what do you need to know before purchasing an income property? What you need to know before purchasing an income property in Vancouver 1. Rental laws It is important that you review the rental laws that govern your income property in Vancouver. These include laws related to the property, as well as those governing your rights and responsibilities as a landlord. To best protect yourself, consult with a real estate lawyer to review all relevant laws before you purchase an income property. 2. Regulations around short-term rentals This is especially important now as there are a number of new regulations governing

11 05, 2018

The top tile trends you should use for your Vancouver home renovation

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Tiles are on trend right now when it comes to a Vancouver home renovation. With a seemingly infinite number of tile options though, how do you choose the patterns and styles that are right for you? Here are some of our favourites to get you started… Our favourite tile trends for every room of your Vancouver home renovation 1. For the kitchen Photo credit: Home Bunch Subtle texture is very on trend for Vancouver home renovations right now. We love the high gloss version as it highlights the texture. This look is perfect for the kitchen as it’s subtle, but creates visual interest. Get it in a light colour like crisp white or dusty pink to open up the room! 2. For the bathroom This look is a fun blend of two trends. The first is the alternate

4 05, 2018

House vs. condo: Investment property renovation tips

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There are a lot of factors to consider when weighing up a house versus a condo as an investment property. One of the central questions, however, is how easy each one is to renovate. That is why we have put together a list comparing investment property renovations for houses versus condos. Investment property renovations: houses versus condos 1. Permits Major renovations to houses often require building permits in Vancouver and surrounding cities; you’ll also need permits to do work that changes or moves electrical wires, gas lines and plumbing. By contrast, most condo renovations just need the approval of the condo board – as long as electrical, gas and plumbing systems are not affected. In some cases, that can make the process easier; but, in others, it can become difficult to get any renovation through the board. 2. Materials With

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