16 02, 2018

Unique window coverings to finish your Vancouver home renovation

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Adding a little bit of personality after you finish your Vancouver home renovation with unique window coverings can really bring your style to life. However, it can be easy to end up with the same old options. This is why we have put together a list of unique window coverings to help inspire you as you finish up your Vancouver home renovation. Six unique window coverings to consider after your Vancouver home renovation 1. Chic Roller Blinds Photo credit: House Beautiful Blinds with a bright, chic pattern can be a simple way to freshen up your window coverings without straying too far from a more traditional look. With a wide variety of patterns and colours available, it will be easy to find blinds that are the right fit to finish your Vancouver home renovation.   2. Frosted Glass

9 02, 2018

Six countertop materials to consider for your Vancouver kitchen renovation

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When it comes to kitchens, the countertop is king. It is the focal point of the room - and its design. That means the material you choose for your countertops can make or break your kitchen. Not sure what the perfect material is for your Vancouver kitchen renovation? We have gathered together six of our favourite materials to launch your hunt for the ideal countertop… Six of our favourite countertop materials for your Vancouver kitchen renovation 1. Soapstone Photo credit: Remodelista Want a splash of colour with a stylish twist? Soapstone can give you that blend of boldness and sophistication. As soapstone is non-porous, it is easy to clean. It also has more flexibility than many other natural countertop materials, making it less likely to crack when pressure is applied to it. Soapstone is softer than many other

2 02, 2018

Renovating a home with a secondary suite – What you need to know

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Secondary suites have become all the rage in Vancouver, partly in response to the city’s skyrocketing housing prices. However, renovating your home to include a secondary suite can be a complicated process. Before you undertake such a renovation, it is important to consider what is required - and decide if a secondary suite is right for you. Legal versus illegal secondary suites While there are many illegal secondary suites in the city, we do not suggest taking this route. Instead, we encourage you to focus on creating a legal secondary suite, protecting yourself against costly fines and renovations down the road. If you have already bought a home with a secondary suite and have discovered it is illegal, there are options available to you. Before taking any action though, it is best to call a professional for advice about how

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