When it comes to your Vancouver home renovation, being on trend can be a blessing and a curse. What may seem fabulous today may not age well in the years to come. If you are worried about this, you may want to consider a Vancouver home renovation with a more timeless feel. But how do you create that? Start with these simple tips!

How to create a timeless look with your Vancouver home renovation

1. Keep wall colours neutral

When a lot of people hear this, they think of drab, boring colours. Neutrals do not have to be that though! For example, navy blue is considered a neutral shade. Neutral colours are just colours that are easy to work with and that do not demand all the attention.

But what about personal style? We are all for expressing yourself. If you want to create a bold look, we are behind you! We just suggest creating that look with decor pieces like artwork and fabrics. That way, if the trend fades out of popularity or your style changes, it is easier to swap up the look of your home.  

2. Focus on function

Timeless looks tend to be simple and functional. By contrast, ornate or overly styled options soon feel dated. That is why we suggest steering your Vancouver home renovation away from intricate options if you are going for a more classic vibe.

Remember that clutter never reads well either. If a room feels cluttered, ask what you really want and need and cut the rest. Also, make sure you have enough storage. We find that, when homes are short on places to keep things, clutter builds up fast – especially if there are children around.

3. Emphasis clean lines and the shape of your home

Classical architecture is one of the keys to a timeless Vancouver home renovation. Based on the proportions of the human body, classical architecture is intended to be pleasing to the eye. Clearly, this plan is working as it has been in vogue throughout much of human history.  

Again, though, classical does not have to be boring. Look for inspiration in historical buildings, pulling examples of the lines you like. Once you have a few inspiration pieces, share them with your designer and ask how they can be incorporated in your home.  

4. Go for symmetry

Symmetry is something else that is pleasing to the eye. As humans, we crave symmetry. Because of that, symmetry never goes out of style. That makes it the key to building a timeless look. Best of all, you can bring it into everything from your home’s structure to your decor. Just make sure that the work is precise. There is nothing worse than a look that is meant to be symmetrical but where the math is clearly off.

5. Hide the technology

Technology is always changing. That means that, if you build your room around your tech, it will soon be behind the times too. So how should you manage the technology you need in your home? If you are trying to create a timeless look, the best thing to do is hide it. During your Vancouver home renovation, create hidden storage areas for your tech. This way, you can have it where you need it, while still making sure it seamlessly blends into your overall design.

6. Choose high quality

When you are laying out all the money for a home renovation, it can be easy to want to cut corners. But do not do it. Remind yourself that quality lasts. Buying higher quality now means that you will not need to replace things and your home will also look nicer. Plus lower quality products show wear faster. Who wants to have a full renovation done just to have cheap furnishings start looking shabby a year or two down the road?

What if I do not want a timeless look for my Vancouver home renovation?

We are not trying to endorse a timeless look as the best – or sole – option. If you would rather go for something trendy, that is great! At the end of the day, what matters most is that you love your Vancouver home renovation – and your home.

If you are opting for a more trendy look though, you may want to think about when you are going to do your next renovation. Are you going to want to update to the next new look in a year or two? In that case, you may want to opt for bolder paint colours and lower quality furnishings, knowing that you will be replacing them soon anyway.

For those going for a trendy option, we also suggest thinking about ways of lowering your environmental footprint. One great way to do this is to recycle your old furnishings, especially if they are just a year or two old.  

No matter what look ends up being right for you, the most important thing is that your Vancouver home renovation goes smoothly and that you are happy with the results! Ensure that is the case by avoiding these 8 common mistakes that people make during a home renovation!