Here at Flipside Homes, we see and hear about a whole range of mistakes people have made with previous home renovations. In fact, we’re often brought in to fix these mistakes!

Every time that happens, we talk about how great it would be if people knew the most common mistakes – and how to avoid them. So we have put that list together for you!

The 8 most common mistakes people make during their home renovation in Vancouver

1. Not having clear priorities

Before starting your home renovation in Vancouver, you want to make sure you have clear priorities. Without these priorities, it can be easy to get swept away in the excitement of the renovation, losing your focus… and maybe not finishing the work you originally intended to have done. For the best result, check in about your priorities along the way – and let your home renovation professionals know if there are any changes.

2. Underestimating costs

Home renovations in Vancouver can be expensive. When you do not plan for that, you put yourself in a risky situation, where you may break the bank or not have enough money to finish your renovation. How do you avoid this? Get a clear estimate of the work you want to have done. Then add on another 10% to 20% for contingency, any upgrades you want to do along the way, and any other issues you uncover that could require repairs.  

3. Not planning for the unexpected

This overlaps a bit with the last point. Basically, you have to expect that issues can arise. A material you want may no longer be available, you may have an unexpected delay, serious issues with your home structure or materials can be uncovered… The list goes on and on. Given all the unexpected issues that can arise, it is important to have a contingency fund in your home renovation budget.  

4. Not hiring a professional

We bring this up a lot in our posts – but that is because it is so important! Professionals like us  can give you a clear sense of the budget for your home renovation in Vancouver. We also know how to handle renovations, ensuring that there are no mistakes made and that the project stays on budget. That’s especially true when you work with a renovation project manager, which is a different service than a renovation contractor! The best thing to do is hire a professional before starting your project, allowing time for consultation and planning.

5. Not hiring the right professional

Not every home renovation professional is a good choice – or a good choice for you. You want to make sure that the professional you are working with is well-reviewed, has proper accreditation, and is not over charging. You also want to work with someone you feel comfortable with and who gets your life and style. How do you find the right professional? Meet with a number of home renovation professionals in Vancouver, ask questions, and look into anyone you are interested in working with. Do not feel rushed either. It is important to make sure you have the right team in place before getting started on your home renovation.

6. Not asking enough questions

A lot of homeowners are worried that they are bothering home renovation professionals when they ask questions. Let us clear that worry up right now… You are not bothering anyone – and, if someone acts like your questions are a bother, then they are not the right professional to work with. Here at Flipside Homes, we want you to ask all the questions you have, so we can ensure you are feeling comfortable and that we are all on the same page about your home renovation in Vancouver.

7. Splurging on things that will not add value

It is easy to want to get fancy items during a home renovation in Vancouver. Not every renovation or high-end furnishing will help add value to your home though. Make sure to speak with your home renovation professionals about where to splurge and where to save in order to add the greatest value to your home. Of course, the one exception is if you are splurging on something for the pure joy of it, knowing it will not add value. In this situation, splurge on!

8. Not acquiring the appropriate permits

There are a number of permits required for most home renovations in Vancouver. If you do not have the correct permits for your renovation, you can face fines, delays and even Stop Work Orders. When you work with professionals though, your home renovation team will be able advise you about, and assist you with, the appropriate permits.


Are you in the midst of planning your home renovation in Vancouver? Make sure to avoid these renovations that do not add value!