14 02, 2020

11 signs your property is ready for a Vancouver home renovation

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It can be tough to know when your property is in need of a Vancouver home renovation. There are some key signs that industry professionals look for. We’ve outlined these signs in this blog so that you can do a professional-level review of your property to decide whether it is in need of a renovation.  11 signs it is time for a Vancouver home renovation 1. Your property has structural issues Inspect your home for clear signs of structural issues, including cracks in the foundation or basement walls, sagging floors, roof or ceilings, gaps where your floors and walls meet, bowing walls, or cabinet doors that often swing open on their own. Leaks and rot are also signs that structural damage might be present or is on its way. In the case of structural damage, it is vital to renovate

15 02, 2019

The top 10 trends for your home renovation in Vancouver for 2019

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February is all about romance, which makes it the perfect time to fall back in love with your house with the help of a home renovation in Vancouver. Not sure what look you want to go for? Check out a few of our favourite home renovation trends for 2019! Our top 10 favourite trends for your home renovation in Vancouver   1. Sustainability   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Brave New Eco (@braveneweco) on Sep 10, 2018 at 12:05am PDT Sustainability is one of the most popular trends for 2019. With the number of eco-friendly options growing, many owners want green home renovations in Vancouver. In some cases, homeowners want to make significant changes to their homes, say switching up insulation or closing thermal bridges. For those looking for less extensive renovations, there are still

16 11, 2018

10 reasons why you should do a home renovation in Vancouver

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There are many reasons to undertake a home renovation in Vancouver. In spite of this, many people wonder if their reason is “good enough”. We are here to tell you, it probably is! In case you are still worried though, we have put together 10 of the best reasons to do a Vancouver home renovation. 10 reasons to get started on your home renovation in Vancouver 1. To make you enjoy your home more Ideally, your home should be your little corner of paradise. If there is a renovation that will make you enjoy your home more, we say go for it! Just make sure that you can afford the renovation. The last thing you want to do is start a passion project and then not be able to finish it. 2. To increase your comfort or ease of mobility

15 06, 2018

5 home renovations in Vancouver that don’t add value to your home

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Home renovations can be a great way to add value to your property in Vancouver. Not all home renovations are created equal though. Here are five home renovations to avoid as they do not add value to your home… 5 home renovations in Vancouver that do not add value to your home 1. Solar panels Solar panels – and other forms of green upgrades – can be a great way to save money on your bills, paying for themselves many times over. If you are renovating to rent or sell your home, though, green upgrades usually are not a way to add value. Unfortunately, adding solar panels to a home is not on most buyers’ must-have lists. 2. Swimming pools If you are in LA, sure, add a pool! In Canada, however, a swimming pool can seem like more trouble

1 06, 2018

8 mistakes people make during their home renovation in Vancouver

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Here at Flipside Homes, we see and hear about a whole range of mistakes people have made with previous home renovations. In fact, we’re often brought in to fix these mistakes! Every time that happens, we talk about how great it would be if people knew the most common mistakes – and how to avoid them. So we have put that list together for you! The 8 most common mistakes people make during their home renovation in Vancouver 1. Not having clear priorities Before starting your home renovation in Vancouver, you want to make sure you have clear priorities. Without these priorities, it can be easy to get swept away in the excitement of the renovation, losing your focus… and maybe not finishing the work you originally intended to have done. For the best result, check in about your priorities

6 04, 2018

Should you renovate your Vancouver income property?

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It is not hard to see the benefits of a Vancouver income property. It's common knowledge around the Lower Mainland that there is always plenty of money to be made in income properties. Yet, it can be hard to know when to put cash into your income property, and when to renovate it. The benefits of renovating your Vancouver income property Renovating your Vancouver income property has an immediate, noticeable financial impact. Renovations will increase the perceived value of the property, allowing you to charge a higher rent to reflect the upgrades you have made. A renovation also helps keep long-term tenants happy, especially if the upgrades are ones they have been asking for.   For those between tenants, a renovation can make the space appear fresh, drawing new people in. Remember that renovations are not all or nothing, so

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