February is all about romance, which makes it the perfect time to fall back in love with your house with the help of a home renovation in Vancouver. Not sure what look you want to go for? Check out a few of our favourite home renovation trends for 2019!

Our top 10 favourite trends for your home renovation in Vancouver


1. Sustainability


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Sustainability is one of the most popular trends for 2019. With the number of eco-friendly options growing, many owners want green home renovations in Vancouver. In some cases, homeowners want to make significant changes to their homes, say switching up insulation or closing thermal bridges. For those looking for less extensive renovations, there are still a variety of ways to make their homes more sustainable such as upgrading your window treatments or installing a smart thermostat.

2. Open floor plans


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Open floor plans have been growing in popularity over recent years – and now they are all the rage! They actually have a lot to offer. Not only do they make your space look larger, but they also allow more light into your home. On top of that, they give you lots of flexibility. Most importantly to us, though, open floor plans create a comfortable environment that encourages family interaction.

3. Mixed metals


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When planning a home renovation in Vancouver, you have to make a lot of decisions. If you are indecisive, that can be tough – and stressful. But the 2019 trend of mixed metals can help make your planning a little bit easier! Now, you can pick your favourite metals and let your home designer blend them into the perfect look!

4. Master bedroom suites


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This trend came up through luxury homes but has now become popular for everyone. A master bedroom suite is about making your bedroom area as comfortable as possible. Some people just add an ensuite bathroom – often with spa elements. Other homeowners decide to go all out, adding walk-in closets, a living space, a large bathroom, and more. Not sure what the right balance of elements is for you? Think about what will make your bedroom your haven.

5. Large kitchens


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Kitchens are getting more elaborate too this year. With cooking and entertaining getting increasingly popular, homeowners want kitchens they can host in. This is doubly true for those with open floor plans! To accommodate this hosting, as well as cooking for parties, people are opting for large kitchens with chic styles. So for 2019, why not crank up the temperature in your home with a hot new kitchen!

6. Simplicity


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With all the opulence featured above, it is no surprise that we have the opposite trend in play too… simplicity. This is the ideal look for fans of minimalism. As always, the trick with simplicity is to start with the build. Use your home renovation in Vancouver to create an elegant space with clean lines. Then compliment this space with a few choice pieces and you will be good to go!    

7. Home offices


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More and more employers are allowing people to work from home and entrepreneurship is on the rise, so it is no wonder we are seeing home offices becoming more popular. If you are ready for a home office, make sure you think carefully about the look that is right for you. Pick something that makes you feel productive, even if it does not match the rest of your home. Also, if you are having clients come to your home, you may want to look at options like adding a separate entrance or a small waiting room.

8. Lots of windows


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Everyone wants natural light these days. That is why one of the year’s biggest trends is giant windows – and lots of them! To make the most of this trend, think about combining it with an open floor plan. This will allow you to make the most of the natural light and views your windows offer! What a great way to enjoy Vancouver’s natural beauty!

9. Bold bathrooms


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Bold looks are giving bathrooms a lot of personality this year. Black is a top colour pick for these edgy spaces, but other dark hues would create a similar vibe. If this is a style you enjoy, pay close attention to your fixtures as these will help highlight the trademark toughness and sophistication of this look. Do not forget, dark bathrooms can make homes harder to sell; so, down the road, consider a repaint before listing your property.

10. Smart homes


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Of course, we could not create this list without the top trend these days… smart homes. Digital assistants are the new normal and a lot of homeowners want to use renovations as a change to make their spaces more linked in. Some people want to add charging stations for their cars, while others are looking to add digital stations throughout their homes. And who does not want the computer fridge? The trick is to find the digital add-ons that are right for you, so make sure to discuss your options and your lifestyle with your design team.

There are a lot of exciting trends to help inspire your 2019 home renovation in Vancouver! Already have what you want picked out? Get in touch with us today for a free quote for your project!