Do you have an unfinished or under-utilized basement? A home renovation in Vancouver is the perfect time to change that! With a single renovation, you can turn your basement into a fully functioning part of your home. Here are just a few of the ways you can make your basement work for you…

Nine ways to transform your basement during your home renovation in Vancouver

1. Create a second living room


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A second living room can be a great use of your basement space. You can add a comfortable couch and some recliners. If you want a TV, it is easy to put one in. Then, if you have family members who want to watch different shows, there are no more fights over the remote! You may also want to add a library nook, a game/puzzle table, or even a treadmill so you can workout and hang out at the same time. The best part about a second living room is that you can make your upstairs space a place to entertain guests while making your basement space the place your family spends their downtime.

2. Add a bedroom


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As your kids get older, basement rooms can be a way to give them more space and privacy. Have more than one child who wants to move into the basement? You can always divide the space if it is large enough, giving each of your children a room.

A bedroom in the basement can also work well for any adult children who are living at home. With a few changes, your basement can almost feel like a mini-apartment. Depending on the position of your basement, you may even be able to add a door so your adult child can come and go without having to go throughout the rest of the house.

3. Build a secondary suite


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Looking for a way to make money from your basement? Secondary suites are the perfect way to do that! These types of rentals are still in demand in Vancouver and can put a solid amount of money in your pocket every month. Just make sure that you create a legal secondary suite. The last thing you want is to end up in a legal battle after having your home renovation in Vancouver complete.

Also, think about ways to get the best value for the money you invest into your renovation. Focus on making the space functional and keep any furnishings neutral. This way, your secondary suite will have the broadest appeal.

4. Add a home gym


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A home gym can be a major time saver. Now, instead of having to go out to a gym, you only have to slip down to the basement. This can be ideal if you work from home or have a new baby as it can be hard to get out of the house. With a gym right in your home, you will be shocked at how much more often you will work out!

5. Put together a home movie theatre


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Looking for a more luxurious way to use your basement? Go for a home movie theatre. You can add comfortable, reclining seats, a speaker system, and a popcorn machine. For a more epic space, add a glow-in-the-dark universe ceiling. Want to have a romantic home getaway? Swap a couple of the reclining seats for a cozy couch that you and your significant other can snuggle up together on.

6. Build a gorgeous laundry room


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A beautiful laundry room is a great way to make washing your clothes feel less like a chore. Consider building in a speaker system so you can pump your favourite music in. If you are creating a laundry room during your home renovation in Vancouver, consider energy efficient appliances as well. That way, you can give a gift to yourself – and to the environment.

7. Create a home office


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The basement is the ideal quiet place to work. Set up your dream environment. Put in a desk that makes you comfortable. If you love books, add some bookshelves. Buy some inspiring furnishings and maybe even some plants to bring a sense of life to the room. Your new office can be your sanctuary.   

8. Put in a home bar or wine cellar


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Do you love to entertain? If so, a home bar could be the best use for your basement. Put in storage for all of your bottles. If you collect wines or liquors, think about a display storage space so you can show off your collection! Then add a sleek bar with some stools and maybe a few fun touches like a pool table.

9. Think about a playroom


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A playroom is a way to entertain kids of all ages – even adults! If you are creating a playroom for children, consider toys and games. For a playroom for adults, get some arcade machines, a pool table, and maybe some fun snack machines. Basically, everything your teenage self ever dreamed of!


Have an idea for your home renovation in Vancouver but do not have enough basement space to make it happen? You can also include some changes that will give you more room.