14 02, 2020

11 signs your property is ready for a Vancouver home renovation

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It can be tough to know when your property is in need of a Vancouver home renovation. There are some key signs that industry professionals look for. We’ve outlined these signs in this blog so that you can do a professional-level review of your property to decide whether it is in need of a renovation.  11 signs it is time for a Vancouver home renovation 1. Your property has structural issues Inspect your home for clear signs of structural issues, including cracks in the foundation or basement walls, sagging floors, roof or ceilings, gaps where your floors and walls meet, bowing walls, or cabinet doors that often swing open on their own. Leaks and rot are also signs that structural damage might be present or is on its way. In the case of structural damage, it is vital to renovate

15 11, 2019

Why you should plan a home renovation in Vancouver this winter

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Many people do their home renovation in Vancouver during the summer months. However, there are some key advantages to renovating in the winter. Today, we are sharing just a few of the reasons why you should consider doing your home renovation during the winter months…  Three advantages to doing your home renovation in Vancouver this winter 1. Availability  During the summer, contractors tend to be busy. That can make it hard to book your home renovation in Vancouver. Even if you can book a contractor, they may not be your top choice. In the winter though, contractors schedules can open up. You can likely get your team of choice at the time you want your renovations done. 2. Deals  You may get great deals when you do your home renovation in Vancouver during the winter. Since the winter is generally

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