17 01, 2020

8 common home renovation myths

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There are a number of home renovation myths that are floating around. While some of them are benign, others can lead to big trouble if you believe them. That is why you need to read this myth-busting blog before starting any Vancouver home renovation.  Vancouver home renovation myths… busted!  1. Permits are optional This is one of the most dangerous Vancouver home renovation myths out there. That is because people can start their renovations thinking they do not need permits when nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, you always need to have permits. These are not optional – and not getting them could lead to fines or Stop Work Orders.  2. Whatever money I spend on remodels I will get back when I sell  Not all remodels add value or enough value that you will get the

14 12, 2018

5 ways to increase the value of your investment property in Vancouver using paint

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Having an investment property in Vancouver is almost always a guarantee of a good return on your money. In order to make the most of your investment, however, you have to maximize the value of your property. How do you do that? An easy way to add value to your investment property in Vancouver: paint It may sound silly, but paint is actually a simple, inexpensive way to boost the value of your investment property in Vancouver. The trick is to use the paint in these five specific ways. 1. Paint the front door dark Zillow did an analysis of over 135,000 photos and homes, discovering that a dark front door can add over $6,000 to a home’s value. This is more than any other paint colour in any other part of a house. So why is a dark front

12 10, 2018

Horrible Vancouver home renovation advice that you should never listen to

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There are a lot of articles online giving Vancouver home renovation advice. But is all that advice good – or even safe? Absolutely not! The internet includes great tips about renovations, but also some advice that should not be implemented! With that in mind, here is the Vancouver home renovation advice you should never listen to. The worst Vancouver home renovation advice – and why you should not listen to it 1. Cheap materials can be made to look luxurious You’ll often read blogs that suggest cheap materials can be made to look high-end. They often put the responsibility on homeowners, saying that these items just need the right treatment or design aesthetic to appear luxurious. Then, when the look does not work out, we often see the homeowners blaming themselves. We’re here to tell you: You are not the

13 07, 2018

How to increase your home’s value with a Vancouver home renovation

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When doing a Vancouver home renovation in hopes of adding value to your property, conventional wisdom suggests that you should focus on the kitchen and bathroom. These are positioned as functional rooms that add value, while living rooms and dining rooms are treated as “decorative rooms” that are not worth investing in. How to add value through a Vancouver home renovation of your living room and dining room 1. Flooring Flooring can be a simple way to add value, with hardwood being considered more valuable. If you are going to use hardwood, though, make sure that you have the right climate for it. That climate is one where the humidity stays steady pretty much year round. No matter what flooring you use for your Vancouver home renovation, you want to go for a quality product. That means going for solid

6 07, 2018

7 flooring trends to use in your home renovation in Vancouver

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Flooring is central to the overall style of each room in your home. Sometimes, though, flooring can be lost in the shuffle of picking other design elements. That is why we have put together a list of seven of our favourite flooring trends to help inspire you for your home renovation in Vancouver. 7 flooring trends to consider for your home renovation in Vancouver 1. Bleach it out Photo credit: SEBRING Light flooring is in for home renovations in Vancouver this year. Consider going with a light stain or bleached look. If you are on the more adventurous side, you could also consider pickled wood. 2. Harden up Photo credit: The Flooring Girl Hardwood is the biggest flooring trend of 2018. New homes are going for hardwood – everywhere. An elegant look like this is the

22 06, 2018

Why you should do at least 2 rooms at once during a Vancouver home renovation

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Often, people think doing their Vancouver home renovations one room at a time will make the process easier. After all, then you will only have to deal with work in one space. This may seem to be common sense, but the opposite is actually true. It is much simpler and smoother to do at least two rooms at once during your Vancouver home renovation. Here is why. Why it is easier to do at least 2 rooms at once during your Vancouver home renovation 1. Permits Some Vancouver home renovations require specific permits, which usually have a long wait time for approval, and can be quite expensive. The permits that may apply to your renovation are for moving, changing or adding gas lines, electrical wires or plumbing, or if you are adding to the main structure, removing structural walls, and

15 06, 2018

5 home renovations in Vancouver that don’t add value to your home

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Home renovations can be a great way to add value to your property in Vancouver. Not all home renovations are created equal though. Here are five home renovations to avoid as they do not add value to your home… 5 home renovations in Vancouver that do not add value to your home 1. Solar panels Solar panels – and other forms of green upgrades – can be a great way to save money on your bills, paying for themselves many times over. If you are renovating to rent or sell your home, though, green upgrades usually are not a way to add value. Unfortunately, adding solar panels to a home is not on most buyers’ must-have lists. 2. Swimming pools If you are in LA, sure, add a pool! In Canada, however, a swimming pool can seem like more trouble

27 04, 2018

Should you design your own home renovation in Vancouver?

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We all know the simple answer to this question, so let us get it out of the way… No, you should not design your own home renovation in Vancouver. But why not? And how much of a problem could designing your home renovation in Vancouver be? The top 4 reasons you should have a professional design your own home renovation in Vancouver 1. A professional knows the costs of renovations Knowledge and experience go a long way toward creating a home renovation design that fits your budget. That means you could start your project only to find that it is impossible to finish without a lottery win! On the other hand, if you are working with a professional team like the renovation project managers at Flipside Homes, they will make sure your home renovation in Vancouver fits within your budget.

20 04, 2018

10 ways to add storage during your home renovation in Vancouver

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A home renovation in Vancouver offers owners a chance to re-think their space. This time is the perfect opportunity to create storage of all shapes and sizes. If you have an older home, this can be especially important as they are notorious for have less room and awkward storage areas. Regardless of your house's age, this is your chance to squeeze every inch of storage area out of your home. How to add storage during your home renovation in Vancouver 1. The sleek bathroom Bathrooms can easily get cluttered. During your home renovation in Vancouver, help hide that clutter with a tall pull-out. Now you can have everything you need at your fingertips, while still maintaining a spa-like simplicity sure to keep you calm - morning and night. 2. A mudroom bench Photo credit: Closets Plus   Entryways

16 02, 2018

Unique window coverings to finish your Vancouver home renovation

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Adding a little bit of personality after you finish your Vancouver home renovation with unique window coverings can really bring your style to life. However, it can be easy to end up with the same old options. This is why we have put together a list of unique window coverings to help inspire you as you finish up your Vancouver home renovation. Six unique window coverings to consider after your Vancouver home renovation 1. Chic Roller Blinds Photo credit: House Beautiful Blinds with a bright, chic pattern can be a simple way to freshen up your window coverings without straying too far from a more traditional look. With a wide variety of patterns and colours available, it will be easy to find blinds that are the right fit to finish your Vancouver home renovation.   2. Frosted Glass

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