Home renovations can be a great way to add value to your property in Vancouver. Not all home renovations are created equal though. Here are five home renovations to avoid as they do not add value to your home…

5 home renovations in Vancouver that do not add value to your home

1. Solar panels

Solar panels – and other forms of green upgrades – can be a great way to save money on your bills, paying for themselves many times over.

If you are renovating to rent or sell your home, though, green upgrades usually are not a way to add value. Unfortunately, adding solar panels to a home is not on most buyers’ must-have lists.

2. Swimming pools

If you are in LA, sure, add a pool! In Canada, however, a swimming pool can seem like more trouble than it is worth. Most Vancouverites feel that they will end up having to spend a great deal of time cleaning and caring for a pool, but will only be able to use it for three months or so during the summer. Also, for parents, a pool can be an issue as it adds a safety concern at home.

3. Loud design elements

Splashy or in-your-face design elements can be a great way to personalize your home, as they are unique to you. The fact that these design elements are are so unique, though, is why they do not add value to your home. Unless you find buyers or renters with the exact same taste as you, they are going to see the loud design elements as a minus, not a plus.

4. Ornate lighting

Again, ornate lighting is so tied to individual taste that it generally does not appeal to everyone. It can also be difficult to change lighting, making swapping over ornate lighting a task for anyone buying your home. Given this, ornate lighting can actually lead to a lower offer. On top of that, lighting can also be expensive, especially if it is ornate. Therefore, if you put in ornate lighting, you could be spending a great deal of money only to lower the value of your home.

5. High-end appliances

High-end appliances tend to be expensive and lifestyle specific. At the same time, they may not elevate the look of your home much beyond well kept, middle of the road appliances. That means the money you pay may not translate in the look of your home. As for additional features, buyer tend to want ones that cater to their lifestyle. This usually means that they would rather pick their own high-end appliances – if they want any at all.

When to undertake these home renovations, even though they do not add value to your home

While these home renovations do not add value to your home, there is one time when you should undertake any – or all – of them… If you are staying in your home for a while, love one or more of these home renovations, and are not worried about adding value to your home, we say go for what you want! Ultimately, you want to enjoy living in your home, especially if you are planning to stay in it for a while. So while adding value can be important, it is not a priority to everyone in every situation.


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