17 01, 2020

8 common home renovation myths

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There are a number of home renovation myths that are floating around. While some of them are benign, others can lead to big trouble if you believe them. That is why you need to read this myth-busting blog before starting any Vancouver home renovation.  Vancouver home renovation myths… busted!  1. Permits are optional This is one of the most dangerous Vancouver home renovation myths out there. That is because people can start their renovations thinking they do not need permits when nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, you always need to have permits. These are not optional – and not getting them could lead to fines or Stop Work Orders.  2. Whatever money I spend on remodels I will get back when I sell  Not all remodels add value or enough value that you will get the

16 08, 2019

What not to do during your Vancouver home renovation

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A Vancouver home renovation can be exciting and fun. It is a chance to give your home a facelift and make it feel new. On the other hand, renovations can go horribly wrong. The best way to avoid the latter situation is to know what not to do. That is why, today, we are tackling what you should never do during your home renovation. Twelve things not to do during your Vancouver home renovation 1. Hire a contractor without vetting them You have to put a lot of trust in the contractor who handles your Vancouver home renovation. Given that, it is important to make sure you get the right person to handle the job. The only way to ensure that is to properly vet the contractors you are considering. Research them, look at portfolios, and check references. While this

15 03, 2019

5 things to discuss with your contractor before your Vancouver home renovation

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A contractor can make or break a build. That is why we always say that hiring your contractor is one of the biggest decisions you will make during your Vancouver home renovation. But what about after that? How do you make sure your contractor knows you and what you want from your Vancouver home renovation? You have these 5 important conversations! What to discuss with your contractor before your Vancouver home renovation 1. Which rooms do you use the most and how do you use them? Your contractor needs to know where you spend your time because that tells them where to focus the most attention. After all, you do not want to throw all your money and your contractor’s time into rooms you barely use. Talking about how you use rooms gives your contractor key information about what your

12 10, 2018

Horrible Vancouver home renovation advice that you should never listen to

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There are a lot of articles online giving Vancouver home renovation advice. But is all that advice good – or even safe? Absolutely not! The internet includes great tips about renovations, but also some advice that should not be implemented! With that in mind, here is the Vancouver home renovation advice you should never listen to. The worst Vancouver home renovation advice – and why you should not listen to it 1. Cheap materials can be made to look luxurious You’ll often read blogs that suggest cheap materials can be made to look high-end. They often put the responsibility on homeowners, saying that these items just need the right treatment or design aesthetic to appear luxurious. Then, when the look does not work out, we often see the homeowners blaming themselves. We’re here to tell you: You are not the

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